Journey Of Healing

A Little Glimpse Of Liz


Life, Love, and Faith 









The Time Is To Prepare

A massive storm was about our city. 10 plus feet of snow covered the land. Some roofs were ripped off houses, while others had snow packed high on them. My roof was not torn off, but a huge pile of snow was packed upon it. In my bedroom above my bed, a part of the roof had been detached and there was a snow tunnel from my room to the top of the 10-foot snow on top of the roof. From my room, I was able to look up through the tunnel to the storm outside. A man, who was out giving help to others, came to my roof and looked down into the snow tunnel leading into my bedroom, and said he could help me. He looked through the big hole and said "See those scriptures sitting on your dresser?" I looked at my nightstand, and there was a set of scriptures I sat next to my bed. He began to tell me, "Look up 2nd Thessalonians, and it will show us what we need to do so we can fix your house".

I woke up immediately from my dream. Me, not being the scriptorium I should be, I asked Shane if there was...

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