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Growing To Learn

Last night while studying CFM, we read the scripture D&C 58:3. 15 years ago, when we moved into our current home, it seemed like all of our financial stuff came to a halt! Our house payment rose, Shane bought really expensive equipment for the office, we lost a tuuuuun of money in an investment, and then on top of that we had the 2008 crash, and our office dropped 40%!!! So we went through one of the most challenging years where we gained a testimony of fast offerings.

I remember one time after we had received a check from an outstanding payment at work. Shane came home and gave me some money, and told me I could go shopping. I remember walking into the Dollar Store, and a thought came to me "I can buy anything in this store I wanted!" It had been so long that I could buy something I wanted just because!

As we were studying this verse, I brought up that we learned so much even though it was one of the most challenging times in our lives. Shane looked at me and said, "What did we...

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