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Hillary P.

"Liz is a really intuitive healer. When I worked with her, I appreciated that she would do what she felt like I needed over what the normal protocol is. I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a good holistic healer." 

Claire E.

"I have had work performed by Liz Watt and was amazed at a difference it made in my life. She was so respectful of me. I truly felt like the spirit was guiding her. I have also talked with her about helping heal my gut issues. She was a great person to talk to and get advice that I have used!"

Gracie C.

She is approachable and helpful. She doesn't pry into your personal life but is there to help you find tools to help yourself with your personal challenges. I think the things I have learned could benefit everyone.

Marinann C.

Liz's spiritual gifts and healing practices have helped me become a much better version of myself. I trust her completely because she is so completely in tune with God. She's been an amazing blessing in my life!

Brenda L.

"Liz Watt is a close neighbor, so I have been able to watch her take her journey this past year.  She is a walking example of what her journey can do for everyone.  She lives with light.  I'm also grateful for her teaching me so much as a Therapist. To know these skills and reach for them, has led me to a better place." 

Becky A.

Liz knows what she is talking about. I can’t think of many people who are so connected with the mind, body, and spirit as Liz is. VERY knowledgeable.

Christy B.

"I have attended several food classes from Liz and she has also performed energy work on me. Both have been beneficial to me and have contributed positively to my overall health. I would recommend services from Liz if you have interested in improving your physical, emotional, and spiritual health. She truly has her clients best interest in mind and is eager to share her many gifts and talents with you in helping you achieve a healthy lifestyle." 

Dr. Shane W.

Liz has helped many of my patients with their emotional needs. She truly has a gift of helping individuals understand what they need to do to help them create a better life of purpose and vision. I would recommend her to anyone wanting to change their life for the better.

Jennifer B.

Liz has been a phenomenal clinician as she has done nutritional support and mindfulness work with my daughter. Liz is thoughtful and prepared, spends much time considering the needs of my daughter in order to provide her the best therapy at each session. We have seen a difference in my daughter's anxiety and OCD as well as made some discoveries of deep-rooted feelings and fears. She is so kind and nurturing, it's easy to share personal feelings. I highly recommend seeing Liz!!

Julian P.

"Sometimes we need a change in our perspective and how we approach life whether we know it or not. I was that person. I felt completely lost and confused about everything and nothing at the same time. I was holding on to things that prevented me from growing and moving on. Then I met Liz. She has provided me with the tools and perspective that I needed to help me get through a lot of issues. Liz truly emulates what she teaches and it’s inspiring to see how a change in perspective can completely change your life. What she teaches isn’t always easy to put into practice, but it is totally worth the battle. She has helped me in ways I can’t explain and has helped me heal from the inside out. This truly is a Journey of Healing."

Nan J.

"My first encounter with Liz was when a friend took me to one of her fermenting classes. I was so impressed with her knowledge of the body and how the food was a healer. Her knowledge was something I really gravitated to. Later I took my 14-year-old son to Liz who was needing help dealing with his illness and stresses. I knew his stress was making everything in his life including his illness much worse. After a few weeks, he was learning techniques to help him deal with some of those stresses. After the full course, he was able to take the knowledge he learned and apply it to real-life situations. It was one of the best holistic approaches we have done for him. He still uses these exercises today and most times can get himself to a place of peace when life is overwhelming. It has been such a blessing to him. Most of the medical world is neglecting the powers of mind and gut health. I would highly recommend Liz for alternative healing and am grateful for her knowledge.

Kris M.

"We are so grateful for Liz Watt.  She has helped me, my daughter, and my whole family!!!  Liz has been an answer to our prayers and has helped myself and our daughter at a very critical time.  My daughter has been very ill with Ulcerative Colitis for the last 3 years.  It has been miserable.  Nothing the traditional Doctor's have tried has helped.  They tried medication, after medication, after medication.  All of them have failed!! When we found Liz we were feeling lost and overwhelmed.  Liz began helping us and right away it started making a very visible and celebrated difference.  Liz's complete approach to healing has been tremendous for my daughter.  Emotional and spiritual support and guidance along with DIET, mental, and physical support made all the difference.  Each piece of support Liz provides was visibly evident and important, and appreciated by my daughter.  Liz restored our hope and provided much needed healing.  Under Liz's guided diet and help Megan went from 82 pounds to 115 pounds and restored her health in a matter of months.  We love Liz and we are so grateful to have found her and learned from her.  An added wonderful blessing is that what Liz has taught my daughter has become a part of her life and will continue to be a tremendous benefit to her.  In fact, Megan is training to be a natural healer because she wants to help people just like Liz has done for her.  Thank you, Liz!!  We love you."

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