The Time Is To Prepare

prepare Sep 29, 2021

A massive storm was about our city. 10 plus feet of snow covered the land. Some roofs were ripped off houses, while others had snow packed high on them. My roof was not torn off, but a huge pile of snow was packed upon it. In my bedroom above my bed, a part of the roof had been detached and there was a snow tunnel from my room to the top of the 10-foot snow on top of the roof. From my room, I was able to look up through the tunnel to the storm outside. A man, who was out giving help to others, came to my roof and looked down into the snow tunnel leading into my bedroom, and said he could help me. He looked through the big hole and said "See those scriptures sitting on your dresser?" I looked at my nightstand, and there was a set of scriptures I sat next to my bed. He began to tell me, "Look up 2nd Thessalonians, and it will show us what we need to do so we can fix your house".

I woke up immediately from my dream. Me, not being the scriptorium I should be, I asked Shane if there was a Thessalonians in one of the books of Scriptures. He told me yes, that it was in the New Testament. We had to get up early that day to get to a boutique I was putting on, so I quickly told him about the dream, and we were on our way.

As we were driving to the boutique, I told Shane I should probably open up the book to Thessalonians and read what it has to say. As I opened up the scriptures, I noticed not only was there a Thessalonians but a 2nd Thessalonians! I didn't even know there was a 2 Thessalonians until I opened up the scriptures. "Wait! Shane, there is a 2nd Thessalonians? The guy told me 2nd Thessalonians. I didn't know there was the 2nd one". I opened up the New Testament to the book of 2nd Thessalonians. This is the second EPISTLE OF PAUL to the Thessalonians. There are 3 chapters in Second Thessalonians. I began to read all 3 chapters knowing that this is how the Lord can help fix my house.

Chapter 1: Paul begins to tell the people of the land thank you for your faithfulness to the church. Because of their faithfulness, they give much charity. The sufferings they are experiencing are preparing them to have a humble heart to meet Christ for his coming. They can find comfort in the spirit. When Christ comes, he will show anger towards those that choose not to believe.

Chapter 2: Christ is coming. Don't have a fear of his coming. Don't be deceived of the time of his coming. There shall first be a great falling away from the Christians of the church. The devil will try to deceive all men. Don't be caught up in the conspiracy theory of things that are not true. Conspiracies will only cause fear to you and to others. Christ will come in his own time. When Christ comes, he will overpower the wicked. The signs of Christ coming will be obvious to those that believe. Stand fast and remember the words that have been taught.

Chapter 3: Don't be idle. Don't expect others to serve you. Get out and work and push your load. Don't be a busybody and accomplish nothing. Have a plan and stick to it. The Lord gives you peace. Paul's message is a message of hope. What you hope for shapes what you live for.

So What do I take from all of this? There is a lot to digest. There is a lot I need to think about. I have been asked to do things to prepare others to feel the spirit. To stay faithful then I need to be constantly engaged with the work of the Lord. Don't be distracted by things that don't matter but look for signs from the Lord. So often, I catch myself thinking the statement of, "Why even do this, pursue this, or even try because Christ is coming and it is only going to get worse." But then I remember President Nelson's talk, and he said, "Plant your tree". Wilford Woodruff, a president of the church, was talking to some brothers who were talking about the time of Christ coming, and he told them, "I would live as if it were to be tomorrow —but I am still planting cherry trees!'". Look for guidance that is given because we will be lead in the right direction. I need to teach my kids about hard work towards a good cause. Beware of the great apostasy that will happen within the church before the second coming. What side are we going to be on? Listen to the Prophet, read your scripture, surround yourself with good, and most of all, have hope in his plan.

No matter what happens, remember the words of our prophet "The Lord is at the helm". He is aware of each of us. He knows our trials. He will give us comfort. He will lift our burdens. Always have HOPE!


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