Life is Learning to Grow

And finding Ourselves in the Process

I love to make this world a better place. I am a mother of 6 beautiful children, 5 boys, and 1 girl. I am an Author, Speaker,  Podcaster, Designer, Conference Coordinator, Content Creator, Holistic Wellness Expert, Spiritual Mentor, and a Friend to many.

Liz Watt

Life Is Our Journey

Young and newlywed, my husband and I moved away so he could attend Chiropractic college. We decided to live a natural lifestyle. Herbs and other natural healing remedies were options we sought after. Eating healthy along with regular chiropractic adjustments was top on our list, 

Even though we lived by these standards, I began having unexplained inflammation issues. It was the same routine! I had an inflammation flare-up in my body, after a few months, I was sent in for an MRI. I would have the same response, "There is nothing wrong." My husband would joke and say, "I can fix everyone else's wife but my own!" Yep, it was true!

I was in constant pain, constipation problems, PH was off, food sensitivity, and unexplained numb spots. When I look back, I was a mess! I accepted that this is how life is.

My husband began studying and using "Functional Medicine" in his practice. With functional medicine, you focus on the root cause of your problem rather than just treating the symptoms. 

By the spring of 2014, I had a tugging on my heart that I needed to learn a new trade to "Help and Serve Others. " In order for me to help others, I first needed to help myself!

The best way to become healthy is to get an incurable disease and try to cure it yourself...

I read more than I ever had, watched videos, learned from experts, and I came across a technique, the process of fermentation. I never knew you could ferment foods and have them be better for you. 

I began making fermented foods and adding them to my life. After a short amount of time, and to my surprise, I started to notice a significant change in my life and my family’s life. We began experiencing healing. All of my symptoms began to improve. I call these little veggies “Miracle in a bottle” because miracles were happening in my life. I started teaching classes to all that would listen. I experimented more and made other fermentation such as Kefir, fruit vinegar, sourdough bread, and fermented granola.

My daughter's eczema went away, my son's allergies disappeared, and many people I introduced them to also had similar results. Talk about miracles!

Realizing I needed to improve my health further, I decrease my sugars, had little gluten, concentrated on minerals, increased gut-healing foods, and focused on eating nutrient-dense. With these changes, my body began to restore to its natural health.

Just When You Think It's Figured Out

Something Beautiful Happens

I felt I had found my calling! Not only was my body healing, but I had learned a skill where I could help and serve others. But the Lord wanted more from me. Again I had a tugging at my heart, and I knew from experience, my journey to healing my body was not finished, so I began searching.

Studying all the ways people heal naturally, I realized that health isn’t just about the food we eat or how much exercise we do, but the mental state we are living. If not adequately worked through, emotional issues can be just as harmful and sometimes more harmful to our health.

We all experience emotions; they are normal. The process of emotions is simple...Emotions come in, we work through them, and then we let them go. Sometimes these emotions do not go through the proper process, and they build up resistance in our bodies through thoughts and feelings, and physical pain. Permitting ourselves to work through this resistance can help us feel happier and healthier.

My Story

A Story of Heartache, a Story of Love, a Story of Triumph

We are Blessed with Struggles to Help Others

Through my whole emotional, mindful journey, I realized my story did not begin 5 years or even 20 years before my health started to decline, but when I was in 4th grade.

One of my best friends and I went to the restroom at school. To my surprise, she blurted out, “Do you know what I heard about you? I heard you were a Polygamist! Isn’t that funny?” I sat there in awe and disbelief and didn’t know what to say. As a 4th grader, how would I tell her the truth? I did what any confused 4th grader would do and responded, “Yea, that is funny.” I remember every detail of that conversation and how it took me by surprise. Why? Because I did come from a polygamist family.

At the time, my dad had two wives, and later on, he went on to have four. Each wife had their own separate homes in the nice part of town. We looked like an average family on the outside, but on the inside, we were not! We were a polygamist family.

Warning...False Lie

-We are our Past-

The conversation in the bathroom that day started to shape the way I thought about myself, others, and how people perceived me. It imprinted in my mind that I was an outcast, never fit in, never be like other kids. Thoughts of people talking about me laughing behind my back haunt me. I never wanted to be in that situation again, so right then I made a decision, I had to keep my family situation a secret. I never really thought about it then, but my whole outlook on life changed when I walked out of that restroom. My ideas about who I was and what value I had in the world were shattered.

On top of all of the feeling like an outcast being in a polygamist family, I had dyslexia. I struggled to learn like others. Teachers placed me in the resource program.  I spent hours away from my classmates. I didn't have the same experience my friends were having. I came to realize I was going to be stupid my whole life!

We Learn Who We Want to Become Through Trials

When I entered high school, I made the cheerleading team! I was so excited about this part of my life. I was starting a new school. I had a chance to make new friends. They could get to know me and like me before they knew the family I came from. 

Two weeks into my sophomore year, I ended up tearing my ACL and was in the hospital. Because of complications, I ended up being home-schooled for the whole first quarter. By the time I retured to school, everybody had made their friends and their cliques, and I was not part of any of them. High school was not starting as I expected.

What Are Your Labels 

Even though I had gone on to live a great life, I was still wearing labels. To heal, we need to remove these labels we are showing to the world. Every thought we have about ourselves holds a piece of who we are. If we are radiating out something negative, not only are we showing the world our negativity, we are telling it to ourselves every day, every moment. Soon we don’t know what is real and what is make-believe. We tell ourselves lies, and unfortunately, we believe them. Our subconscious mind does not know what is real or not, so it just starts to believe what we feed it most.

You Have The Power To Change

When I started to work with clients, I noticed that change is hard. We all know we need to change, but why can’t we make the necessary changes?

As I was trying to fix myself with external things and coach others by giving them what I thought they needed, I was soon discouraged because change was not happening as quickly or as much as I wanted. It was at the moment in complete discouragement, another voice in my head said,

“You can not change yourself until your first change your mind.”

I paused for a moment and let that sink in. For the first time, I realized I would not change a thing until I first learned to change my mind.

Understanding the importance of the mind was a game-changer in my journey not only me but for my clients. I needed to learn this critical puzzle piece so I could help others bring lasting change.

 I was inspired to learn how to change the neural pathways in our brain. What we feed our brain is just as important as what we feed our bodies. By learning and incorporating these simple techniques, change can become automatic. It is so empowering when your mind starts making the choices you desire so deeply. Your mind is very powerful, and when you learn to train it in the direction you need and want, you can finally make lasting change.


You Don't Have to Change All Alone

After realizing this essential key to full-body health, this was my new mission. I began to plead to my Heavenly Father for answers on how to change the brain.

At that moment, while on my knees, I soon realized there was more to healing that triumphs everything. I could not do this alone, and I was not meant to do this alone. We cannot make a lasting change unless we turn our lives to Christ and give him all our shortcomings. He is the only one that can break the chains I held around my neck.

For Christ to help me, I needed to use the atonement, live the atonement, and become more like Him because of the atonement.

Christ is the only one sent here to take our burdens. Why could he do this? Because he is the son of God. If I want to change, I need to be like him. I needed to be filled with his light. If I filied myself with his light, I could become more like Him. If I was more like him, I could have the courage to change anything in my life. I could be the person I was meant to be. I could take all of this baggage I held and throw it out. I could be the confident, intelligent, fearless person I needed to be. I could change whatever did not serve me and turn it into good. I could be who I was created to be.


Mosiah 4:9 

Believe in God, believe that he is, and that he created all things, both in heaven and in earth; believe that he has all wisdom, and all power, both in heaven and in earth; believe that man doth not comprehend all the things which the Lord can comprehend.

You Deserve More

Journey of Healing has given me my life back. My health is better, my body is not in pain, I have an abundant amount of self-confidence and courage, and most importantly, my relationship with my Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ has increased ten-fold.

You are made to have an abundant life. We all hold power in each of us to create the life we were meant to live. Journey of Healing is an inspired program to help each of us reach our divine potential and be who we are meant to be. My commitment is to provide a way so each of you can achieve this. All 3 areas, emotionally, physically, and spiritually, are equally important in raising the light within us. If we leave off just one of these areas, we will not feel at peace. 

Start your Journey today! Stand up and say "No More"! You are worth it! Not only do you need you, but the world needs you! More importantly, the Great Divine, our Heavenly Father, needs you!

You Were Created For Greatness!

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