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Spiritual Insights and Awakenings You've Never Had Before

It's Saturday night, and you and your husband have two choices. Either you go to the new James Bond movie on opening weekend or the temple to do sealings. It was a hard tossup!
This last week was conference weekend, and we heard from our Prophet Russel M Nelson and other church leaders. A talk given by our Prophet stuck out to me because I kind of geek out on that type of stuff.
"When you bring your temple recommend, a contrite heart, and a seeking mind to the Lord's house of learning, He will teach you.... He wants you to have spiritual insights and awakenings you've never had before."
We eventually decided to do some service, so we hopped on the scheduling app and scheduled a time that evening. James Bond will just have to wait!
When my husband was younger, and his parent went to do sealings at the temple, he always thought they would clean the ceilings! So to clarify what a sealing is, in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day...
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