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The Spirit Will Tell You All Things

Have you ever had the Spirit chastise you before? I did Saturday night, and I would have to admit, I am not the proudest of it. But through the humbling process, we were able to experience a Christmas story my kids and I will never forget. We had our own real story of "Light The World with Love."
Sunday was the last day, we as a primary, could meet for the rest of the year. So you know what that means? It's PRESENT TIME! We got the primary kids in our ward these nightlights that had a picture of Christ on them. So when you plugged them in, you could see Christ shining through the light.
Since I have been in primary, our motto has been on the "Light of Christ." Everything we as a presidency have done has been centered on what Christ feels like in our lives and how we can recognize him. We have so many experiences to be Christ's hands and be His light to the world.
Now to my humbling story...My family and I were Christmas shopping Saturday night in the...
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