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Letting Go

Have you met Grandma yet? I have talked about her before. She is my mother-in-law, Shane's mom. She has now lived with us for over a year. She needs full-time care, and we all chip in to help her along this path we call life.
It is interesting how the mind works and the process it goes through while aging. Even though I do almost everything for her, I am new to her every day. Some days I am the facility worker, other times, I am her roommate, or I am married to the Smith boy. It is different every day! She has specific stories she repeats and sometimes multiple times a day. We let her tell these stories over and over again because they make her happy. It's in these stories she tells you what she holds dear.
Often she says, "I Graduated from BYU in 3 years." She loooves BYU! We bought BYU cups, and every time we hand one to her, she says, "I graduated from BYU!" If you have a BYU shirt on, tears fill her eyes, and she will tell you how she went there. Today we put...
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