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Celebrate Life

So it's that day! The day most of us dread, my BIRTHDAY! But a few years ago, I decided that I was no longer going to dread this day or have any expectations but love every second! No matter what comes, no matter what it says on the scale, no matter if there are a few more gray hairs, I would have a day that no matter what, I would celebrate my joy of living.
Yes, life is hard, but I love living. I love that I have a curious mind, so I am constantly learning new things. I love to make others laugh. I love getting massages from my husband. I love going out to lunch with my girlfriends. I love that my kids think I can fix anything (please don't tell them the truth!). I love creating new recipes in the kitchen. I love my morning walks. I love getting up early in the mornings and reading my scriptures, and meditating. I love that God lets me experience moments of his grace and visits from the other side. I love my homemade ice cream (gluten, dairy, and sugar-free), I love...
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