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Recognizing The Light Of Christ

When I was younger, my family would go to Lake Powell all the time. We loved to hike Rainbow Arch. It was quite a hike to get there. As we were hiking, we came across an area that had a cove. There were cliffs all around, and at the bottom was a pool of water. My Aunt was on a cliff that was 15 to 20 feet above the water. As she was climbing down the cliff, she fell, hit her head, and fell straight down into the water. Her head was face down in the water as her body was floating on the surface. We all looked at her as she was lifeless in the pool of water. All of a sudden, without even thinking, I jumped into the water, grabbed her and swam her over to the side, and pulled her out of the water. My dad yelled at my brothers and told them to get some help. They had to run back to the trailhead because we had no cell phone then. Because they went and got some help, a helicopter came. We were in a cove, and so it was hard for the helicopter to land. After many tries, it finally landed....

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