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personal growth Sep 30, 2021

Last night while studying CFM, we read the scripture D&C 58:3. 15 years ago, when we moved into our current home, it seemed like all of our financial stuff came to a halt! Our house payment rose, Shane bought really expensive equipment for the office, we lost a tuuuuun of money in an investment, and then on top of that we had the 2008 crash, and our office dropped 40%!!! So we went through one of the most challenging years where we gained a testimony of fast offerings.

I remember one time after we had received a check from an outstanding payment at work. Shane came home and gave me some money, and told me I could go shopping. I remember walking into the Dollar Store, and a thought came to me "I can buy anything in this store I wanted!" It had been so long that I could buy something I wanted just because!

As we were studying this verse, I brought up that we learned so much even though it was one of the most challenging times in our lives. Shane looked at me and said, "What did we learn because I am still trying to figure it out!" So I started to list off what we learned, and because of it, we are better.

1-I needed to help make extra money, but I had little kids at the time, and I really couldn't make what I needed and take care of them. So I started my business of hand knitting and crocheting hats and headbands. It became very successful! I was able to work with my kids right by my side or stay up through the night. I was able to help pay for my kid's extracurricular activities and Christmas. Later on, it let me do flowers for dances and weddings.

2-My kids had to learn how to work! We had so many kids in sports and scout camps, and we needed their help to pay for it. So Shane with the boys started a neighborhood aerating fundraiser. They have been doing this now for 15 years. Because of this, they have learned how to work and work hard. Everyone in our neighborhood sees their work ethic and knows they are good reliable young men. They pay for all of their sporting activities, camps, and missions!

3-Shane had to expand his business and look to see how he could bring in more income. Because of that, Shane was led to functional medicine. As a result, he had blessed, so many people's lives giving them new hope when they had none.

By the end, we all felt grateful for our struggles. We have grown into something more than we expected because of our trials. God knew our potential, and he needed to show us. We will never know the workings of God, but we have to have faith in his process and His timing.


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