Finding Your Life's Mission

life's mission Oct 22, 2019

When we talk about our life's mission, we think that it is the exact perfect job in the exact perfect position and that we are getting paid to do what we love!

What we don’t realize is that our mission can be found in any job, any position, in any area of our life, at any moment.

I often hear from people “You found your purpose in life”. But the truth is that I found purpose in what I do. I have a desire to want to know more and be more because of what I do. You can apply this to anything that you are doing right now. Finding your purpose is living your purpose in everything you do.

How do we figure out what our purpose is?

Step one: Seek to know God's will for you. If you sincerely desire to know God's will for you in your life, He will give you guidance. Guidance may not come in the way or at the time you expect it, but it will come.

Step two: Receive spiritual guidance for your life. If you ask Heavenly Father what you should focus your life on, He can point you to the precise things that will be the best for you. He knows you perfectly and can direct you to do the things that will utilize your talents and bless others.

Step three: Commit to doing what Heavenly Father inspires you to do. Once the Lord inspires you to do something, commit to doing it. Once you commit to a heaven-inspired task, the Lord will prepare the way before you.


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