Bring The Light

Bring The Light

Hosted by: Liz Watt

Meet Liz, a Holistic Wellness Expert. Each of us has a light within us. This light is our constant guide. This light is what knows the truth for each of us. Go on a journey to discover your light and learn to increase...


Choose To Believe

Season #1

What would happen if you just decided to believe? What if one of the reasons why more people see God in their lives is because they choose to see him? What about if we chose to believe that God was all knowing in our...
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Letting Go To Bring In The Light

Season #1

Heard the story of the bucket? You start out with a bucket of water and soon you start to put in more water and more water and soon your bucket overfills. So many times we are over flowing and unfortunately often its...
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Finding Strength

Episode #24

Finding our personal strength is building our house upon the rock. True strength is being grounded and not letting whatever waves come our way take us out. We need to get to a point where reaching in and finding our...
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Find Your Tribe

Have you ever thought that finding your tribe, girlfriends, or sidekick, can be gifts from God? We are not here to walk this earth alone but with others sharing experiences as we all grow in this thing called life....
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Finding Courage to Grow

How often do we give ourselves the grace to grow? How often do we do we get frustrated because we can’t figure something out? How often do we realize that if you would have known what you knew know you wouldn’t have...
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When We Know Better We Do Better

Season #1 Episode #21

When you know better you do better. God wants us to improve our mind, knowledge, spirit, body, the way we love, think, serve, and spend our time. The process of learn, unlearn, and relearn is what helps us do better...
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Honoring the Spirit

Season #1 Episode #20

How do we follow the spirit when we hear so many voices telling us otherwise? The spirit is your own true guide. But when we can’t figure out what is from the spirit and what is just our own thoughts then it becomes...
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Finding Peace Among the Chaos

How do we find peace when there is so much uncertainty. Don’t know who to believe. What cause should we be standing for? People are dividing. Civil arrest is happing between communities. Families are fighting....
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Look Listen Live, You Were Born For Today

Season #1 Episode #18

Do you believe you were born for this very moment? Do you look for evidence that you are put in circumstances to bless others? Do you believe you are prepared to give service to others? Often we need to look at our...
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Love...Trust...Lead, Learning to Lead Others

Season #1 Episode #17

Becoming a leader to others is not just a title but an action. Being a leader means you are leading others to something. As a leader, you hold the responsibility to walk with others on their journey. How can we do...
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Look...Because He Is There

Season #1 Episode #16

Do you often feel you are lost, alone and if you could just have one sign from above then you can just continue? Maybe you have signs all the time and you are not acknowledging them. Finding out we are not in charge...
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I Will Tell You In Your Heart

Season #1 Episode #15

How do we know what is the best choice for us? What direction do we need to go? How do we know what is best? Your heart is your only true guide. By learning how to listen to your heart, unanswered questions can be...
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