#32 Overcoming Doubt

Season #1

The root of fear and the source of doubt are the same. Fear is the uncertainty of God's plan, and doubt we do not understand the process of God's plan. But what if we removed doubt and just took the next step. Do we really need to know the whole plan, or can we just take the next step?

Sometimes we feel we need to know all of the answers, and it is the answers that will give us our next step. But what if we are asking the wrong question? If we are asking the wrong question, then we will get the wrong interpretation of our answer.

We all struggle, and struggling is ok! 

The real question is, what do we do with the struggle. Whenever we struggle, we need to ask ourselves one questionā€¦.What is the next step that will bring me closer to Christ?

We are being prepared for these last days. We will experience, at times, what might feel more than we can handle. Our doubts, struggles, and fears may soon become blessings if we are using them to prepare us to become strong in the fight ahead to gain a stronger relationship with God, and his son Jesus Christ.


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