Bring The Light

Bring The Light

Hosted by: Liz Watt

Meet Liz, a Holistic Wellness Expert. Each of us has a light within us. This light is our constant guide. This light is what knows the truth for each of us. Go on a journey to discover your light and learn to increase...


Love...Trust...Lead, Learning to Lead Others

Season #1 Episode #17

Becoming a leader to others is not just a title but an action. Being a leader means you are leading others to something. As a leader, you hold the responsibility to walk with others on their journey. How can we do...
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Look...Because He Is There

Season #1 Episode #16

Do you often feel you are lost, alone and if you could just have one sign from above then you can just continue? Maybe you have signs all the time and you are not acknowledging them. Finding out we are not in charge...
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I Will Tell You In Your Heart

Season #1 Episode #15

How do we know what is the best choice for us? What direction do we need to go? How do we know what is best? Your heart is your only true guide. By learning how to listen to your heart, unanswered questions can be...
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Be Still And Know That I am God

Season #1 Episode #14

How often can we sit back and let life happen? How often do we want to control situations? How often do we get upset when we don’t have the outcome we were hoping for? Have we ever stopped to think maybe this is...
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Opposition In All Things

Season #1 Episode #13

Life would be so much easier without any opposition. We could do whatever we needed to, accomplish all that we want, be who we wanted to be. Then why do we have opposition? Unfortunately, we learn through opposition....
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Forgiveness When We Don't Want To

Season #1 Episode #12

Forgiveness frees us from the past. Forgiveness allows us to love. Men are that they might have joy! Contentment and peace are opposite forces. Because of this, they can not reside together. In order for us to feel...
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Finding Your Life's Mission

Season #1 Episode #11

When we talk about our life's mission, we think that it is the exact perfect job in the exact perfect position and that we are getting paid to do what we love! What we don’t realize is that our mission can be found in...
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Rising Above Defeat

Episode #10

Life is full of may wonderful things but life is also hard, sad, tragic, and, unpredictable. Perhaps the greatest blessing which come from tragedy, is the love and appreciation we developed for our Father in Heaven....
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Episode #9

Often we describe a miracle as: Being healed without a full explanation by medical science or as avoiding catastrophic danger, miraculous events brought about through divine power that mortals do not understand...
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Tearing Down Walls

Episode #8

Walls can bring you protection from any outside harm. But these walls are not helping us grow. With these walls, we can not experience the world and learn new things. How do we tear down these walls? Start by trusting...
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Blessing Other With Spiritual Gifts

Episode #7

We have 2 types of gifts, Natural Gifts, and Spiritual gifts. What is the difference?  Natural gifts are gifts you have been given that you may not have to work hard for, you have a special talent that is freely...
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#6 Embracing Your Past

Season #1

Making every moment a blessing even when you don't want it to be. Embrace your past so you can increase your future!
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