#1 Homesteading made easy with Courtney Shorr

Homesteading! Have you heard of it? Courtney Shorr from @Bushel.and.a.peck.homestead is on the podcast today, and she wants to share with you all about homesteading in a small area.

Courtney lives on only 1/6 of an acre and has a garden, fruit trees, bees, quails, microgreens, compost pile, and she makes her backyard look beautiful on top of that. Courtney has a wealth of information, and she is all about sharing her knowledge with others.

If you haven't already, go and check her out! on her Instagram account, you find how to do fermentation, homemade medicine and slaves, soap, Bee Keeping, Gardening in a small area, Raising Quails, and so much more. We are glad that she is part of our community to inspire and bless others.


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