What To Have In Place For Emergencies

We have been warned by the Lord to expect earthquakes in our day. “And there shall be earthquakes also in divers places, and many desolations” . There is no plan that can eliminate all earthquake danger. But you can greatly reduce damage and injury by following several basic guidelines.

D&C 45:33

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Create Family Plan

Help keep your family safe by developing a family emergency plan. It’s important to be prepared for whatever comes your way.

Phone Numbers

Post emergency numbers in a central place where they won’t be missed. Include the numbers for police, fire, poison control, school, work, child care and important relatives. Include your home address for quick reference since emergency respondents will need to know where to find you.

Escape Routs

Go through each room of your home and plan the quickest and safest escape route. Make sure each member of your family knows the plan for each room. Practice the plan, so they know how to act should they need to make a quick escape.

Emergency Meeting Spots

Choose three spots, just to be on the safe side. In case of fire,  elect one place near your home. Select another spot outside your neighborhood (such as the fire station or a relative’s home). Pick one out-of-town location in case you need to evacuate.

Pet Plan

If your family has pets, include your four-legged family members in your emergency plan. Make sure you have any necessary pet carriers and plenty of food and water on hand to take with you.

Important Documents

Put your important documents in a plastic bag. Keep the bag in a fireproof and waterproof box for easy grabbing if you have to evacuate.

  • Driver’s license and passport
  • Social Security card or number
  • Birth certificate
  • Medical records
  • Property titles for your car and home
  • Bank, credit card and investment account numbers
  • Health insurance and life insurance account information
  • Wills, as well as living wills and a power of attorney
  • Your latest tax return

Get Up And Go Bags

This ready-to-go supply bags can help your family leave home quickly. Each family member should have their own with their own needs for any emergency. Look under "KITS" and you can see what is best to put in Go Bags.

Prepare For Emergencies Today

  • Begin acquiring emergency supplies today
  • Locate hazards in your home, correct them
  • Train each adult and teenager in basic first aid and CPR
  • Have all medical procedures up to date
  • Have innovatory of household items written and put someplace safe
  • Vehicles in good repair with fuel tanks always at least half full
  • Become familiar with emergency plans in the community such a city, schools, workplace
  • Post emergency telephone numbers near telephones
  • Install smoke and CO detectors on each level of your home

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