Nutritional Healing

Learning to Optimize your health through Nutrition

Nutritional Healing is creating and customizing a nutritional plan just for your body. We are all different, and because of this, our bodies need and rely on different nutrients for healing. If the body has the right tools and nutrients, then your body can heal from almost anything. As we work together we come to understand what those nutrients and tools are for your individual plan.

By using your own bodies energy, together we are able to create a customized eating plan. Our bodies react to all foods differently. Your body knows what it needs and what can be toxic to your system. Together as we go through each food and a customized eating plan is able to be created.

One of the first steps to create a healthy environment for your body is to focus on the Gut. Healing your gut is one of the most important practices you can do to restore your health. Because of abuse, neglect, allergies and unknown sensitivities, you can create holes in your gut lining causing toxins to enter your bloodstream. By giving your gut the right environment, this lining is able to restore.

Through this process, you will be introduced to eating nutrient dense foods. We will go through favorite foods and create easy substitutes to create them to be nutrient dense. As we incorporate nutrient-dense foods into your diet, your body is then able to get all the nutrients it needs through the most natural source, your food.

This program is designed for you to become empowered in your own health. You will have the tools to know what is harmful to your body, heal your gut, restore your health, and bringing nutrients back into your diet.

Let Food Be Thy Medicine and Let Medicine Be Thy Food

Have you always known there is more to food and your health but you just didn't what to eat?


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