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Emotional Recognition

Learning To Become Free

We are all emotional beings

Our emotions are experienced in response to our environment. Emotions are a normal part of life. Living beings experience and interpret the world through their emotions.

Emotions are felt, processed by the body/mind, and at some point let go. However, emotions resulting from pain or distress can be so strong that they don’t get processed completely. When this happens, resistance to life's situations remain and we feel a sense of heaviness within.

We were created for love and light

Feelings of uncertainty creates a conflict within. At some point in time, this imbalance will cause symptoms such as uneasiness, emotional ups and downs, depression, and/or physical symptoms. 

There are many reasons why our bodies hold onto these negative emotions and we create resistance. For example, being too young to know how to cope with a situation, such as abuse. Another is allowing the emotion to be experienced and expressed would cause embarrassment, or make the painful situation worse. At any age, the situation could be so dire, that facing it and dealing with it at the time would be just too difficult and the pain too great.

Emotional Balance

When an emotion is not processed properly, our natural instinct uses this as a protection mechanism. It is a way to unconsciously look away from what happened because the pain, fear, embarrassment or shame would be too much to bear.

In some instances, these protection mechanisms are necessary. However, when the protection is no longer needed, the resistance remain within and the body and the conscious mind do not recognize that they are even there.

If not worked through properly, these emotions cause imbalances that hold us back from living full lives. This resistance can affect us physically just as much as they can mentally and emotionally. The good news is that the resistance you hold onto, once recognized, can be worked through properly and give you the relief you have sought for. You can take your life back and enjoy better health.

Learn to Live, Laugh, and Love

You were created to Live, to Laugh, and to Love. Free yourself from emotional pain, heartaches, and insecurities. Don't just Live life, but Experience Life...


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