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Finding Courage to Grow

How often do we give ourselves the grace to grow? How often do we do we get frustrated because we can’t figure something out? How often do we realize that if you would have known what you knew know you wouldn’t have wasted so much time?

Our lives are full of moments that can discourage us, feel shame, embarrass, feel like we are getting beaten down, but it is these moments we can use to grow the most.

God has a hard time teaching those who always want to be safe and not have courage to progress. If we are not willing to have courage to make the next step, even if it is not the right step, then we will not grow into the person he knows we can become.

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Honoring the Spirit

How do we follow the spirit when we hear so many voices telling us otherwise? The spirit is your own true guide. But when we can’t figure out what is from the spirit and what is just our own thoughts then it becomes hard to follow the spirit.

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Finding Peace Among The Chaos

How do we find peace when there is so much uncertainty. Don’t know who to believe. What cause should we be standing for? People are dividing. Civil arrest is happing between communities. Families are fighting. People's beliefs are dividing them.

All of this takes peace away from us and create one thing, FEAR.

Here are simple easy ways you can incorporate techniques to bring clarity so you can make the best decision at the moment and live a life full of peace.

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Look Listen Live, You Were Born For Today

Do you believe you were born for this very moment? Do you look for evidence that you are put in circumstances to bless others? Do you believe you are prepared to give service to others?

Often we need to look at our life and see how we have been prepared, listen for guidance, and have the courage to live our best life. 

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Love...Trust...Lead, Learning to Lead Others

Becoming a leader to others is not just a title but an action. Being a leader means you are leading others to something. As a leader, you hold the responsibility to walk with others on their journey. How can we do this? How can we show leadership?

In this episode, I talk about how to build trust to lead others. I share experiences I have learned and also experienced in becoming a great leader. 

The real secret is that we were all born to be leaders even if we don't have a title in front of our name. We can influence others for good in every area of our lives. By learning these steps you can be the leader you were created to be. 

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Look...Because He Is There

Do you often feel you are lost, alone and if you could just have one sign from above then you can just continue? Maybe you have signs all the time and you are not acknowledging them.

Finding out we are not in charge and that we have to go forward with faith knowing that he is there, opens our eyes to receive the Lord's hands. 

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Be Still And Know That I am God

How often can we sit back and let life happen? How often do we want to control situations? How often do we get upset when we don’t have the outcome we were hoping for? Have we ever stopped to think maybe this is exactly how it is supposed to be?

Take courage to sit back and let life play out like it needs to? We are not in the driver's seat but we are watching and learning and becoming what and who we were meant to be. Be still and know that I am God.

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Opposition In All Things

Life would be so much easier without any opposition. We could do whatever we needed to, accomplish all that we want, be who we wanted to be. Then why do we have opposition? Unfortunately, we learn through opposition. What holds us back? A mountain we must climb to become great!

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Forgiveness When We Don't Want To


Forgiveness frees us from the past. Forgiveness allows us to love.

Men are that they might have joy! Contentment and peace are opposite forces. Because of this, they can not reside together. In order for us to feel peace, we first must learn to forgive.

It is hard to do this on our own. We need help from above.

Forgiveness takes courage, Love, and gratitude. Courage to find the strength from within, Love towards others, and gratitude to our Savior for taking away the pain.

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Finding Your Life's Mission

When we talk about our life's mission, we think that it is the exact perfect job in the exact perfect position and that we are getting paid to do what we love!

What we don’t realize is that our mission can be found in any job, any position, in any area of our life, at any moment.

I often hear from people “You found your purpose in life”. But the truth is that I found purpose in what I do. I have a desire to want to know more and be more because of what I do. You can apply this to anything that you are doing right now. Finding your purpose is living your purpose in everything you do.

How do we figure out what our purpose is?

Step one: Seek to know God's will for you. If you sincerely desire to know God's will for you in your life, He will give you guidance. Guidance may not come in the way or at the time you expect it, but it will come.

Step two: Receive spiritual guidance for your life. If you ask Heavenly Father what you should focus your life on, He can point...

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