The Brother Of Jared

Do you believe God thinks you are mentally strong, and he trusts you to make your own decisions? I believe he has more faith in us than we do in ourselves!

While reading the "Come Follow Me" lesson for this week in Ether, we learn about the Brother of Jared. The Lord asked the Brother of Jared to take the people to the promised land. God shared with him how to make the barges as unto a tight dish. And he went to work and built the barges according to the instructions of the Lord.

"And it came to pass that the Brother of Jared cried unto the Lord, saying: O Lord, I have performed the work which thou hast commanded me, and I have made the barges accordingly as thou hast directed me. And behold, O Lord, in them there is no light..." God asked the Brother of Jared, "What will ye that I should do that ye may have light in your vessels?" The Brother of Jared thought about it for a while. He carved out some rocks out of the mountain that was "Clear as glass." "And I know, O Lord, that thou...

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The Time Is To Prepare

A massive storm was about our city. 10 plus feet of snow covered the land. Some roofs were ripped off houses, while others had snow packed high on them. My roof was not torn off, but a huge pile of snow was packed upon it. In my bedroom above my bed, a part of the roof had been detached and there was a snow tunnel from my room to the top of the 10-foot snow on top of the roof. From my room, I was able to look up through the tunnel to the storm outside. A man, who was out giving help to others, came to my roof and looked down into the snow tunnel leading into my bedroom, and said he could help me. He looked through the big hole and said "See those scriptures sitting on your dresser?" I looked at my nightstand, and there was a set of scriptures I sat next to my bed. He began to tell me, "Look up 2nd Thessalonians, and it will show us what we need to do so we can fix your house".

I woke up immediately from my dream. Me, not being the scriptorium I should be, I asked Shane if there was...

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Listen, Trust, and go forward with faith

Often when I teach others about expounding their personal revelation, the topic that comes up the most is TRUST. We have to trust that we are receiving it. We can all receive personal revelation. We were created to receive revelation. The Heavens are open to all that believe!

3 Nephi 26: 9-10 is an excellent reminder of the importance

9- And when they shall have received this, which is expedient that they should have first, to try their faith, and if it shall be that they shall believe these things then shall the greater things be made manifest on to them.
10- And if it’s so that they will not believe these things, then shall the greater things be withheld from them, and to their condemnation.

The more we trust and believe, the more personal revelation will be given to us. Listen, Trust, and go forward with faith...

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Recognizing The Light Of Christ

When I was younger, my family would go to Lake Powell all the time. We loved to hike Rainbow Arch. It was quite a hike to get there. As we were hiking, we came across an area that had a cove. There were cliffs all around, and at the bottom was a pool of water. My Aunt was on a cliff that was 15 to 20 feet above the water. As she was climbing down the cliff, she fell, hit her head, and fell straight down into the water. Her head was face down in the water as her body was floating on the surface. We all looked at her as she was lifeless in the pool of water. All of a sudden, without even thinking, I jumped into the water, grabbed her and swam her over to the side, and pulled her out of the water. My dad yelled at my brothers and told them to get some help. They had to run back to the trailhead because we had no cell phone then. Because they went and got some help, a helicopter came. We were in a cove, and so it was hard for the helicopter to land. After many tries, it finally landed....

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Finding Strength

Finding our personal strength is building our house upon the rock. True strength is being grounded and not letting whatever waves come our way take us out. We need to get to a point where reaching in and finding our strength becomes automatic but it can only become automatic when we have experience in our life that give us the opportunity to use this strength.

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Find Your Tribe

Have you ever thought that finding your tribe, girlfriends, or sidekick, can be gifts from God. We are not here to walk this earth alone but with others sharing experiences as we all grow in this thing called life.

Finding your tribe takes effort on your part. If you want others to share their life with you, you first have to share your life with them. Are we denying gifts from above because we struggle to receive help from others.

Being vulnerable is one of the hardest traits to learn but as we breakdown these barriers, our live can be filled with beautiful experiences filled with so much love.

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Finding Courage to Grow

How often do we give ourselves the grace to grow? How often do we do we get frustrated because we can’t figure something out? How often do we realize that if you would have known what you knew know you wouldn’t have wasted so much time?

Our lives are full of moments that can discourage us, feel shame, embarrass, feel like we are getting beaten down, but it is these moments we can use to grow the most.

God has a hard time teaching those who always want to be safe and not have courage to progress. If we are not willing to have courage to make the next step, even if it is not the right step, then we will not grow into the person he knows we can become.

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Honoring the Spirit

How do we follow the spirit when we hear so many voices telling us otherwise? The spirit is your own true guide. But when we can’t figure out what is from the spirit and what is just our own thoughts then it becomes hard to follow the spirit.

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Finding Peace Among The Chaos

How do we find peace when there is so much uncertainty. Don’t know who to believe. What cause should we be standing for? People are dividing. Civil arrest is happing between communities. Families are fighting. People's beliefs are dividing them.

All of this takes peace away from us and create one thing, FEAR.

Here are simple easy ways you can incorporate techniques to bring clarity so you can make the best decision at the moment and live a life full of peace.

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Look Listen Live, You Were Born For Today

Do you believe you were born for this very moment? Do you look for evidence that you are put in circumstances to bless others? Do you believe you are prepared to give service to others?

Often we need to look at our life and see how we have been prepared, listen for guidance, and have the courage to live our best life. 

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