Stand And Do Hard Things

doing hard things Sep 30, 2021

"Everyone is going through something hard," "Sometimes we just need to learn something," "We can do hard things." These were the responses Brax gave today when I asked him what he learned while he was home.

5 months ago, we were here in the airport dropping off Brax to serve his mission. Life happened, and he ended up coming home promising he would be back. Last night after he was set apart, I told him that I am so proud of him because coming home can be HARD, but he put his heart and soul into going back out.

So often, these experiences can break us, but he allowed this experience to "Make" him. Make him into the man Heavenly Father wants him to be, the man he wants to become. I am so proud of him because he rose above himself and did the hard thing. We love you Brax, and are so proud to call you our son.

So I want to leave you with his final words of encouragement "Everyone is going through something hard, sometimes we just need to learn something, we can do hard things."

Love you Elder Watt, now go and serve!!!


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