God's Love

god's love Sep 30, 2021

Sometimes God gives us a kiss of thank you! The most random experience happened today that only God could have set up.

I went to a garage sale today (yes, I love being able to get things cheap!) I walked up to a house, an elderly gentleman. Out of the blue, he said, “How is your Mother in Law doing?”. I looked at him, confused, not knowing if I knew him or not. I had never seen him before! How in the heck did he know I take full-time care of my mother-in-law? So I asked him why he would ask me that. “I just thought you looked like a nice lady who would take care of your mother-in-law!” So I told him she was doing great, I do take care of her, and she is home asleep, and I am going home right now to make her breakfast. He told me thank you for taking of her because it takes someone special to do that.

Sometimes we have to find God in our lives, and sometimes he places people right in front of us in the most random places. Thank you for the kiss of thank you!


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