Finding Courage

courage Sep 30, 2021

If we could only find the courage to live the life we were divinely inspired to live! This week with the Come Follow Me it talks about Spiritual gifts. We are all given spiritual gifts, and we are all to use them differently. These gifts help us to bless others.

About 12 years ago, I went to a Relief Society night, and we learned how to knit. I had never knitted in my life! When I left that meeting, I had no idea how going that night would change me forever. A gift was given to me, but I loved most the spiritual gifts that came along with it! Stitches, patterns, products all came to me in my head, and I was only doing with my hands what was shown. My hands feely moved through the movements as I created beautiful work. I often said that this was not my work, but God was using me to create this work.

One night I had a dream, and in the dream, my children's preschool teacher, who passed away, was there. She began to tell me that she needed me to create a hat for her granddaughter. She showed me the hat...Black hat with curry locks on the sides and different shapes like square, circle, triangle, and rectangle on the brim alternating pink and light teal colors.

When I woke up, the vivid picture was still in my head. The only problem was that I knew she had a daughter, but she only had a son. So I began to "Facebook Stalk," and I found out that she also had a son, and they had a daughter around the age of 2. So this hat was for her!

How often do we want to be in charge as if we know best! Giving our life to the Lord can be scary; it can take us out of our comfort zone, tries our strength, and makes us experience the impossible. But he is creating something beautiful, something we can't even imagine, something so beautiful...Something Better! Do you want to live the life you want to, or do you want to live something better?


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