Forgiveness When We Don't Want To


Forgiveness frees us from the past. Forgiveness allows us to love.

Men are that they might have joy! Contentment and peace are opposite forces. Because of this, they can not reside together. In order for us to feel peace, we first must learn to forgive.

It is hard to do this on our own. We need help from above.

Forgiveness takes courage, Love, and gratitude. Courage to find the strength from within, Love towards others, and gratitude to our Savior for taking away the pain.

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Finding Your Life's Mission

When we talk about our life's mission, we think that it is the exact perfect job in the exact perfect position and that we are getting paid to do what we love!

What we don’t realize is that our mission can be found in any job, any position, in any area of our life, at any moment.

I often hear from people “You found your purpose in life”. But the truth is that I found purpose in what I do. I have a desire to want to know more and be more because of what I do. You can apply this to anything that you are doing right now. Finding your purpose is living your purpose in everything you do.

How do we figure out what our purpose is?

Step one: Seek to know God's will for you. If you sincerely desire to know God's will for you in your life, He will give you guidance. Guidance may not come in the way or at the time you expect it, but it will come.

Step two: Receive spiritual guidance for your life. If you ask Heavenly Father what you should focus your life on, He can point...

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Rising Above Defeat

Life is full of may wonderful things but life is also hard, sad, tragic, and, unpredictable.

Perhaps the greatest blessing which come from tragedy, is the love and appreciation we developed for our Father in Heaven. We grow and develop spiritually by what we experience.

If there were no sadness, we would not know joy; without bitterness, we would not recognize sweetness.

May we all look at God is the Gardener in our life. He is growing and molding us into what we are to become. He has never left you and he never will. Find his goodness amongst your trials and lean upon them. When hard times come, because they always will, press forward and look to see how you can bring light your light into the world.

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Often we describe a miracle as:

Being healed without a full explanation by medical science or as avoiding catastrophic danger, miraculous events brought about through divine power that mortals do not understand

Miracles are when we allow and recognize God's hand in every facet of our lives whether it be big or small. Allowing faith to create our path knowing that everything is for our good.

If something is important to us then it is important to our Heavenly Father. He is ready to grant us miracles all we need to do is ask.,,,,,

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Tearing Down Walls

Walls can bring you protection from any outside harm. But these walls are not helping us grow. With these walls, we can not experience the world and learn new things.

How do we tear down these walls? Start by trusting and having faith. Become vulnerable with who you are.

It is hard to influence people when you are inside these walls. Break the walls and become the person you were meant to become.

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Blessing Other With Your Spiritual Gifts


We have 2 types of gifts, Natural Gifts, and Spiritual gifts. What is the difference?

Natural gifts are gifts you have been given that you may not have to work hard for, you have a special talent that is freely expressed.

Spiritual gifts are ones you have to nurture and build upon. Spiritual gifts, when used, helps brings us and others to Christ.

When we discover what our spiritual gifts are, then it is our responsibility to use them. God has shared them with us and we can not hide from them.

You have been given these gifts to help and serve his children by you not using these gifts you are not fulfilling your promises you made and you are denying others blessing you can give them.

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