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We are sent here to find joy, love, and peace. As we experience life, uncertainty begins to creep in. We don't trust what we have learned or feel. We need others approval. We don't feel we have what it takes. And the list can go on!

Through this process, you will begin to reclaim Emotional, Physical, and Spiritual areas in your life. You will begin to stand on your own two feet and feel confident in who you are, what you were meant to do, and where you need to go. As we build confidence within, fear, anxiety, loneliness, uncertainty, and depression will be replaced with confidence, certainty and a sense of direction.  You will begin to experience love for yourself, peace in your purpose, and a joy for life.

I was there once. I was also living a life full of pain in many ways. I finally got to the point where I was living but I was not “LIVING”. I created this Journey to help other women like me start to live a life with a purpose, to find that inner guidance, to be confident in their life and to help each of us reach our true potential.

Journey of Healing is a divinely Inspired program to show us the way back home. It is a template to help restore each of these three areas back to who we were meant to be. We all carry inside us the keys to heal ourselves. As we receive the blessings given to us by our Creator, the example is shown to us by our Savior, and the guidance by the still small voice, we begin to experience oneness with the Divine, and fragments of our life begin to heal. Through this process, we are restored to our true selves. Each of us has our own purpose and each of us has our own plan. It is our responsibility to find our purpose and plan. With these tools and techniques, you can discover what these are. You were sent here to do great things. You are more powerful than you know.


Why are they so Important


Emotional clutter we hang on to can be damaging not only to our body but to our heart and soul. Our bodies run on our emotions we carry. By removing these negative emotions, your heart will grow, making room for love and gratitude. Our thoughts can be our biggest downfall in life if they are not serving us well.

You will learn incredible techniques to quickly change your thoughts and become more empowered in controlling your life. Your thoughts will change automatically in a short amount of time as you change the neural pathways of our most magnificent, delicate and important part of our body, your brain. How liberating it is when we are in charge of the thoughts that enter our mind.


Our spirit and soul are housed in our body. This is a part we can not neglect. In order for us to be used to our fullest by our Father in Heaven, we need to have a strong and healthy body. We were made with perfect bodies but because of abuse and neglect, we are not able to live to our fullest potential. I lived with a diseased body for many years and knows the consequences of living this way. Our body is so important and without it functioning at it’s highest potential, we can not live our life to our highest potential. Our quality of life cannot be negotiated. Our bodies are all different and we need to treat them all differently. As I help you develop a plan made just for your body, it can heal and restore the abuse and neglect that was placed upon it.


Our greatest relationship we can ever have here on Earth is our relationship with our Father in Heaven. He holds the keys to where we were, why we are here, and where we are going. Through this relationship, our divine potential is unlocked, but we often feel lost without knowing that purpose. We each have a divine purpose here on Earth. We made certain commitments that are to be performed while we are here. Everyone has been given these blessings. Through these techniques, you will learn how to tap into that higher power to increase your guidance and intuition. By doing this, your biggest questions are answered. Stress, anxiety, fear, loneliness, and uncertainty are taken away and replaced with a sense of purpose, love, belonging, and certainty.

Everything you do in life will either Increase or Decrease your light

You have a light within you and it is your responsibility to shine for all to see. This program teaches you how to raise the light inside of each of you. Everything you do in life will either Increase or Decrees this light. We each have power over this light and we choose to become more of an “Energetic Being rather than a Being of Matter”.  When we become more of an energetic being we become more like our Savior. We love more, have more compassion and kindness, we look for service opportunities, we live with purpose, we go without want, we have an abundance, our bodies and minds heal, and we can serve our fellow men by healing the hearts of his precious children. We have many obstacles in our way to keep us from becoming more like our Savior. Through your “Journey of Healing,” you will be given guidance on how to make the energetic shift you hold within you. Take this light upon you and be this light. With this light you are unstoppable and your life will be filled with Joy, Love, and Peace.

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